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Furst Ranch

Ready or not, here it comes!

I had the opportunity to meet and hear Jack Furst talk about his vision for Furst Ranch, the major development coming to all 4 corners of the 377/1171 intersection that will forever change our area and will bring more schools to Arygle ISD. I was skeptical but open minded walking in to the meeting.


I left feeling optimistic and excited. I encourage you to attend the meeting on Tuesday night at the Denton County Courthouse in Canyon Falls at 6pm so that you can hear Jack’s vision for yourself and also ask questions. (I’m not posting this to stir up controversy – just sharing information! Ya’ll know this is not a platform for negativity and debate, because Lord knows we have plenty of those pages on facebook.)


I tried to take lots of notes, here are my main takeaways:


  • The theme of the neighborhood is “Modern living on the prairie.” It seems they want this development to be very branded all throughout, which reminded me of a Harvest or Pecan Square. They are using architect David Lake who did The Pearl in San Antonio. All of the buildings will reflect the same style, using a lot of rock, iron, large windows, and incorporate nature as much as possible.
  • We will gain much needed amenities on this side of town such as a community activity center, tons of much needed parks and trails (goal is to have a connected trail system with Grapevine Lake, Canyon Falls, and beyond). Dog parks, baseball fields, ampitheater, fishing ponds. These amenities will be available for public access but will be privately owned. And paid for by the residents through a PID (which is part of the upcoming local election on Prop G).
  • A central theme in his vision was that he wanted this to be a place where your blood pressure comes down. Where you want to live, work, and play here. Where the design almost forces you to get outside. Where you can live here in all phases of your life – you can be born here, have an affordable place to live as a young person, raise your family here, and you can retire here.
  • He also mentioned a goal of having a similar “people energy” like Lakeside has (which took almost 12 years to achieve).
Commercial components we can expect to see over time:
  • Grocery store will be first thing to come
  • Restaurants, retail, gym
  • Hospital, nice hotel, corporate campus, educational institution
  • 9 builders including David Weekley, Highland and Toll Brothers – They will each incorporate one distinguishing feature that is exclusive to Furst Ranch
  • Multi family will come in increments as the commercial component grows
  • An age-restricted, active adult community
Timelines I took note of:
  • 2028- completion of the new roads over 1171/377 that will go over the train tracks
  • Late 2027 or early 2028- An unnamed world class grocer is confirmed to com
  • New middle school – 2027
  • New elementary – 2029
  • 0.70 of the tax rate will go to Argyle ISD, so even though this is in Flower Mound the commercial will help benefit and fund Argyle schools)
  • Completion of Furst Ranch – around 2040
More resources: www.furstranch.com


Info about upcoming meeting on Tuesday and other details: